Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waltzing with Carola*

I believe myself to have been

Willingly led to waltz with Carola*.

I found myself lost en route

To The Three Penny Opera.

But what a waltz!

And what a dancer!

She saw me to the train,

But I left without an answer.

*Inspired by my own personal events but also by personal accounts of Wolf Von Eckart in the book Bertolt Brecht's Berlin.


  1. I like this so much. It has such an old-fashioned feeling about it.

  2. Thank you, Sarah. I am glad I read your post first today. It put me in a more sensitive mood. Unfairness always brings out the fighter in me, though. Btw, the book is very interesting and details the cultural takeover of Nazi Germany through the eyes of Wolf Von Eckardt if that sort of thing interests you.

  3. My mind is not working right today. I am writing a poem and trying to respond to you. The book is by two authors, but the account is of Eckardt's personal experience. Bertolt Brecht was a playwright. I had typed "Berlin Brecht" and "artwork." (I was looking at some artwork). In case anyone wonders, I have attention deficit but also suffered a brain injury more than 2 decades ago. Sometimes when I am speaking, I reverse words or first consonants of words-- mostly on 'bad days.' It doesn't happen as often when I am writing, but this is typing. I guess I need to take a break. =)

  4. This poem has a lovely lilt to it. I am a big fan of Bertold Brecht...the playwright.;)

  5. very nice indeed......YES YES I do have a soft side..acctually I think I have a pretty strong feminine side..Actually at the moment im really sucking it partner is getting a knee replacement at the will haveto go see her in half hour or so. thanks for reading my poem

  6. Watermaid, I loved your poem. I think it's a good thing to question one's will sometimes. I thought I could avoid something. I was wrong. Now I realize I can go a few more rounds and then take on whatever opponent is next in line. You are awesome. I will go back and leave a better comment for you.

  7. Wayne, I hope you take very good care of your partner. I imagine your sense of humor can cheer up someone in a heartbeat.