Monday, April 27, 2009

I love you just because you are
not just because I've fallen far
not just because you heal my scars
not just because you are my star
not just because you melted bars
from round my yearning, aching heart

because you know the words to say
because you know my mind's array
because you know my vow obey
because you know my song to play
because you know the only way
the only way to win the day

the most glory is the win
the one who got away again
and laughed and hit you on the chin
and made you say you're sorry then
he hit you and he laughed again
but love will find the way, my friend

flowers and leaves, tendrils kiss
images of perfect bliss
always tend to make me miss
tiny fireflies in the mist
spirits' voices in the midst
the faint glimmer of upturned wrist

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