Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Natives' Trail

A trail not unlike
the natives' trail
though Boone claimed
the trails existed
time and opportunity
left unguarded they were
even taunted the newcomers
drawing them closer
observers began to note
the shapes of leaves
markings on large rocks
and trees
to recognize the sounds
of chattering birds
and squirrels
noted flowers and vines
found connected trails
leading to openings
all later to become
trade routes
for things bought
and souled
from the French
and German
to the Spanish
and back
and to the English
and back
to the outermost
and back
but mostly to the towns
and cities
within the state
the East
the country
the white man
always seemed a step ahead
of the natives
by the time Tecumseh
figured out that the tribes
should band together
it was too late
for they were already

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