Sunday, January 10, 2010

My favorite line from the movie "The Princess Bride" is Wesley's: As you wish.

I have the movie on VHS. It's cold outside. Hot chocolate and a good movie seem to be in order.

"Snow" on the Instant Coffee

This bit of instant coffee was tucked away in the back of a rarely used cabinet. I know it's gross, but I thought it was also kind of cool. I did not expect to see mold, just dried up coffee. =)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beautiful moments are
when one can put personal feelings aside
and do something to benefit others,
even when others have hurt the person.
Two persons especially wanted to listen to me.
Two strong trees, much greater than these.
They are the ones who have had to wrestle with me. Look past my pain. Take it on the chin and below the belt. They are my heroes.
I love them both more than anything.


The heart-shaped rock I found...

I knew it was yours when I picked it up,

by the name carved in the center.

I didn't know it was mine.

You must have the one with my name.

I'll make it now.