Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Can Wait (Response to "Gonna Make You Wait")

So you gonna make me wait?

I can wait forever and a day.

See how long you make me wait!

You'll get tired and want to play.

In the meantime,

I lift some more weights,

and I can do more sit-ups.

By the time you're tired of making me wait,

I will feel real good about showing it off!

Make me wait? Ha!

You think I don't have other things to do?

If I had to spend my time on you

right now, all the things I'd never get to!

Like soaking in the tub, hangin' with the girls,

Veronica, Pam, and Betty,

If I'm takin' care of a man,

when am I gonna get my mani and pedi?

Make me wait then, babe,

cause I really don't like to cook.

I get to spend all this time on me

right now, and I'm starting to get more looks.

But baby... I would really rather

be hangin' out wich jou,

Makin' love, turnin' the phone off,

whisperin' all kinds o' bad thangs to you...

But don't make me wait too long now!

Cause the garden needs tendin'.

and the broken heart needs mendin'.

and the love needs sendin'.

I'm broken, but I'm still bendin'. XXX

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