Sunday, April 19, 2009

final chapter

My head feels stuffed with cotton all in the frontal lobe, behind the eyes, my ear drums. Sometimes I think it's swelling, but it has never been proven. My body wants to sleep. My spirit wants to stay with everyone. Interact. Thoughts, like crazy, want to play. Want to march. want to learn. Want to share.

I have been on overdrive trying to figure out everything. I was so tempted to take my toys and play in my own backyard. I don't know why I wanted to stay so bad where I wasn't wanted. I am sorry for crashing your party. And for loitering.

I bet, I hope you all learned some things, too.

I apologize for the negative remarks I said about someone being long-winded. I didn't mean it, and so I never should have said it. I was just trying to give someone else a kick in the writerus maximus to look at what he needed to fix. I was correct about that part.

Someone extremely near to the bell has never respected that it sometimes needs a rest from tolling. 9 milennium to figure it out. There was a 4 o'clock warning, and a warning at every hour since that one should care for the bell, to help it ring its most beautiful songs when it could. Do not wait for the eleventh hour, or the bell may not ring for him anymore. The dude failed to heed the warnings, and the 11th came two hours early because the bell felt it would crack.

Now, it is all out. I hope, I hope, I hope I offend no one. I promise I do not want to. And it is all out. That is how I roll. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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