Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I used to give my man what he wanted

all the time,

even when I was not in a receiving

state of mind.

I used to give my man the warm shoulder

to lay his head,

even when he lied and swore the truth

o'er loved ones deaths.

I used to hold my husband's hand

even in sleep,

But now I watch for his hand coming

and hide in covers deep.

My husband thought I was the only

one who had to obey,

Each time he broke a vow, a piece

of heart he would fillet.

I warned him over and over that
soon there'd be ought left

I knew my heart could not take an
infinite number of thefts.

The love died long ago with the
lack of respect.

Anything given now, can't help it,
the heart rejects.

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