Tuesday, April 14, 2009

¡Capitán Sig es caliente! and so are some of the others...

"If I were a man, I would be pitching a tent with steel poles right now!" -- Lluvia

O-M-G! I love to watch The Deadliest Catch. I mean, I love to watch The Deadliest Catch. If I were a guy, or a stronger, tougher woman, I would so be on the boat. Oh, and I would have to be cold tolerant.

The cold is not kind to me. Even today, my bones felt the wind's grip. I tried to brave them, but I lacked warmth in my core. Only for a few moments did I not feel the chill. The longest, most gorgeous wind swept down from the great beyond and stroked my hair.

Lonely for a touch, I raised my face and chest, opening myself to be caressed by Spring's fingers. He answered swiftly, powerfully, roamed my body, pulled himself over the top of me. Each time I thought he was finished with me, his urgency swelled again.

Afraid of the consequences but desirous to be completely, utterly fulfilled, I removed my sunglasses to let the wind kiss my eyes which had remained closed since I let down my defenses to engage in this open tryst. I kept them closed, afraid that if I opened them he would leave.

He must have sensed my trepidation because he touched me warmly, smoothly, and parted his lips to let golden rays breath on me. I smiled inside and out. And, feeling safe, I opened my eyes. Gasp!

Bright blue... one of the brightest! A pond surrounded by cotton mists. I blinked, stunned. He continued to blow gently as my vision readjusted to his gift of light. The sight was still beautiful, but tonight, I have not gotten over the initial surprise-- "What do I see?" Beautiful, but then relief, joy as the comforting, reassuring beauty of familiarity brought my experience to a climax.

Longing. I knew that I could not tolerate much more of the intensity, else the pain later, while worth it, would be more than I wished to endure. As it happened, the pain is mostly in my extremities. The wind seems to have left me with an afterglow.

But now, I can't not be recharged with this year's viewing of the Alaskan crab season. Those guys are so cool. The work is rugged, dangerous. I don't like the danger when boats go down. I cry when bad stuff happens to people. But the sea! Oh, the sea! She reigns! She reigns supreme! There is a reason that I am in love with water, with the weather. Well, there are several, but there is one above all others. That is a secret I refuse to share. Only one other person knows this secret. The secret is what keeps me alive, what has always kept me alive.


  1. ¡Pero qué bonitas palabras dices!

  2. Me habla demasiada adulación, Señor. Gracías. Acabo de visitar su blog. Debo volver pa' leerlo otra vez.