Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Meds


No meds since Sunday
not this past Sunday
but the Sunday before that
No meds
means home plate is easier to see
but I can't take my eyes off the batter
or his helmet
or his number
or the catcher's mask
or his fingers
two pointing down
the ref's moustache is shorter on one side than the other
the batter is looking at me
and there goes the mascot
in his chicken costume
I throw the ball at him


No meds
means my driving sucks
means I still have to drive
but I better not wreck
and it is hard
because I love
the radio
my purse
the clock
my coffee
the speedometer
the clouds
the birds
the planes
the trees
the cars
the people in the cars
ew! that man was picking his nose
hey, I need a new station
whoops! almost drove off the road right
is my song
but it's almost over
change the station
change the station
almost missed my turn
but I swerved
just in time
yes, I looked
so fast
over my shoulder
and no one was there
like the last time


you don't really think I will listen to you
now that I don't can't focus as well
unless I drink a pot of coffee every hour
and that will make me gripy as all get out
or I am faking it so I won't have to talk to you. =)

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