Monday, December 14, 2009

Level the valley
In the open, in full view,
Serenely patient.
Underneath the mist
Sway dandelion pillows,
Stay springy moss beds;
Cupped petal hammocks
Caress delicate dewdrops
Until sun’s heat reigns.
The valley exposed,
A million faithful blades guard
Her buried secrets.
And then—she trembles.
Violent tremors shudder
Beneath splitting skin.
Heaved upwards a force
Through torn, effaced dirt and rock—
The mountain is born,
Mightily ascends
To thirstily drink the light,
To bathe in the clouds.
No longer unseen,
No longer invisible,
She rests in his shade.
He plunges her depths,
Descending to hidden dreams,
Leans on her soft strength.
She clings to his side,
Finds joy in his protection.
The two become one.
Valley and mountain
Belong one to each other;
They are each other.
Should the mountain fall,
The valley will yet remain
With him inside her.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


When a country has 11 million people who aren't leaving any time soon, and we allow them to marry and have children... and we allow them to be underpaid... and we do not allow them to receive social security or medicaid when they are old... (can they receive their 401k?)... and we do not allow them to legally receive welfare... and we do not give them steps to become legal...

How is that similar and dissimilar to American slavery? There are similarities and differences, but I don't want for all the opinions to be mine.

If a country gives certain rights to an oppressed people, but the same country denies the same certain rights to citizens, and the decision to do so is religious in its basis,

How is that separation of church and state?

Curious about marriage licenses

Out of curiosity, I searched information on obtaining a marriage license. No, I don't need one. Will never need one again, lol. But if I did, it would not be hard. Even if I lost my SSN, if I were not a legal citizen, I could still obtain a legal marriage license.

Several years ago, a friend pointed out to me that she had more rights than people who had lost theirs - or voluntarily given them up by committing crimes. But they can obtain a legal marriage.

My point is that it is easier for some to obtain legal privileges such as marriage licenses or driver's licenses than it is for others. I think it's a shame that not everyone deserving can do that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sister, 16

Sisters, I've been busy and have had little to say. Today I am just airing some thoughts. If you don't fall asleep while reading, that will put a smile on my face. Some thoughts are meant to be humorous, but I realize that I don't always come across that way. I am trying to keep things light, pleasant. But I know I can be boring. Oops. I was just boring. (Closing my mouth...)

Perhaps unemployment is higher in recent years because fewer people are willing to work jobs with honest but less prestigious status than they would prefer. If unemployment is high, then I suspect that many people are drawing unemployment – which pays higher in many cases than were a person to work a “lesser” job. (Work two. I've done it, and I'm alive.) What was that movie about the Depression era golfer and the caddie? American mindset regarding unemployment and benefits has changed since then.

A few immigrants left the country (and have probably returned), but their jobs - the jobs that others don't want - are still available to them. So much for immigrants taking jobs. Okay, there are some exceptions such as construction. 10% of the population (latest unemployment rate) did not lose construction jobs. It would interest me to know how many of their jobs were outsourced since there is much talk of that as well.

People are war weary. But I haven’t forgotten 9/11. Iraq and Al Qaeda are two different things. 9/11 was a tremendous blow not simply due to the thousands of innocent lives lost but also due to the long lasting impacts such as our country’s defense, the economic downturn, questions about what it means to be an American.

9/11 stands for September 11th. September is the seventh month in some countries.

A lot of people argue Obama hasn’t accomplished everything he set out to do, although he still has 3 more years to complete his goals. The President is not a dictator. He has a Congressional "wife" with whom he shares power. (I threw that out in hopes that it reads with slight humor, but it will probably land like a brick.)

The chosen body (Congress) has a tremendous task of representing their constituents, supporting the Commander-In-Chief, and keeping their jobs. I do not envy them.

Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator. He was also a check against Iran.

In the late 90s, I received an email about the deplorable treatment of women in Afghanistan. Husbands there are often powerless to help their own wives, daughters, mothers, sisters. For decades, there has been the debate about whether the U.S. should be the “police” of the world. Maybe it depends. Maybe we should ask survivors from Rwanda or Croatia. A few years ago, I worked with two people of different faiths who were not allowed to congregate with each other in their home country.

Whenever, wherever soldiers are sent, their well-being should be considered first.

Sarah Palin did not win the election for the Republican Party. However, the Democratic win was not a landslide. I wonder at the manner in which her comment about seeing Russia from Alaska was picked apart. Many people say it was dumb. I equate it to Bush Sr.’s comment about supermarket prices – not in sync with the forefront of public opinion. The “follied” Alaskan purchase was later dubbed wise during the Cold War. Its abundance of natural resources makes it valuable. Had it not the wealth under the ice, would we cede it to Canada, Russia or to another country? There are trees between our house and the neighbors. The neighbors are where I can see them. But there is the buffer. Land is still land.

Hillary is still #1. [Lest anyone think I am tossing her for Palin... =)]

Growing up, I heard some adults say they did not like seeing black and white people married. How many young people know that interracial marriage was against the law in several states as late as my lifetime? There were people who disapproved of my mother’s marriage to a Hispanic. And contrary to large scale denial, many people continue to think that “races” (I use the term loosely) should not mix. I hear the same things being said today about gay people. Denying their rights to get married is no different than slaves having jump to the broom to do what was in their hearts and souls. (Slave marriages were not recognized by the law.) It seems the only argument against gay marriage that op”posers” can come up with are religious in nature. And a few people have tried to show me in the Bible where interracial marriage is a sin, too. Whatever. Science is showing us that women can have Y chromosomes and other stuff. (Sounds real educated, huh? I know when I shouldn't try to use scientific terminology!) Galileo had to "take it back" on pain of torture and/or death when he said that the sun was the center of the solar system. The argument doesn't hold water. To the debaters, how many times has it been stated that God does not make mistakes? 2010 is almost here. Gay people deserve to be as miserable as all the other married people. (Which comedian said that?) Equal status for all taxpaying, law abiding, country serving citizens.

Laws against oral sex and sodomy are still “on the books” in some places. Raise your hand if you are guilty.

Ninja Assassin is a pretty good movie for martial arts fans. I like the director’s choice to shoot fight scenes in shadows where flashes of steel and bodily movement are surprising in their attacks. The heroine’s scenes in the dark with the flashlight were well played. What could have easily been cheesy script dialogue was performed realistically by the actors. I also thought it was cool that the heroine was a gorgeous black woman who had two hot guys defending her. The movie is a good setup for an even better sequel. Oh, and when the actor Rain is doing an exercise demo in his apartment, his sweat pants lowered just enough when he spun to give the best eye tease. Mmm! Perhaps they will consider that for the next movie. This one was good for what was seen but even more for the things not seen.

If you made it this far, dear Sisters, then I appreciate your efforts. Have a fantastic weekend! =)