Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anyone Is Someone

It's crazy how I went for one thing,
one thing but got something,
else just as good or better
than not even a letter,

From anyone.

The guy I just met said to me "It's sad
that people think it's something bad
for you to go up and talk to them."
I did not want to disagree with him,

But I know someone.

I know someone for whom I tried
to be a friend and even cried
to think that she would take her life.
You can't fix that and make it right,

That means anyone.

I only ever knew she needed
something... so I pleaded,
'You can't!' That's all I could do.
I still don't know if she knew,

I would have done that for anyone.

So I told this guy, who gets pissed
when he wants to talk but gets dissed,
that a lot of people are afraid
and others, well, I can't explain,

I can never explain someone.


  1. that's deep and troubling and yet so beautifully written. I especially like the last line, it encapsulates the whole mood of the piece perfectly.

  2. Thank you, Sarah. You don't know how much I liked your poem, but I loved your story. I used some old favorite quotes of my own to respond to you, and I posted them with a reference to your page. Should I remove your name, add your website link? Just let me know. Ll.

  3. Thanks, Jenn. I just posted on your delicious poem.

  4. i agree "deep" and more....very good words

  5. Thanks, Wayne. I just posted a comment on your bee-autiful poem. =)

  6. I like the repetition and rhythm of this.

  7. Thanks, Elizabeth. I will get to your site tomorrow, I promise. I need to get some sleep-- returning to work tomorrow. Right now, I am still too hyper.