Thursday, April 16, 2009

Notes on "Observing the Chaos"

I drew "Observing the Chaos," "Almost Home," "The Tree Grew Tentacles," and "Whale of a Tale" sometime last year. "Observing the Chaos" began as me drawing shapes and colors to see the shapes and colors.

When I stopped to get something to eat or drink and then looked at it, I saw cool stuff, but there was a pattern that only I could recognize (probably). To everyone else, it would appear chaotic. I added the wooden fruit bowl (unintentional-- I think I just liked the shape) and the shape with the eye (intentional to be an eye-- and I think I just liked the shape). Okay, there are some sexual shapes in the drawing.

This drawing was so crazy and fun to do. I went back and forth trying to decide whether I wanted it to be flying fruit or a road leading to a crazy mall scene. And then I thought "This is my everyday life. Sometimes it is just crazy, can't tell heads from tails, and all I can do is watch-- and figure out where to land." And... "Should I try to catch anything?"

Click here to view Observing the Chaos.

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