Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Forever poems are hidden from you,

From you who try to make me ugly again.

You have nothing to change my eyes' view,

and you reach not in return to my hand.

Instead, you slap me down again.

I thought to run, but I will take it.

You must need someone who can stand

and let you live and not just fake it,

not just fake to be a man,

I will not run but get up and stand.

You can scare me all you want

but I am afraid to leave you

in your state of endless haunt,

I hope the friendship to relieve you

and I want to, try to believe you

These poems you will read

are not the best, the love you seek

These poems are not the ones that breathe

of love and passion, of tenders' deep

They live in a kinder place to keep

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