Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot As Hell

Hot as hell, my body quakes
for your flood, my caverns ache
What you're willing to give, I'll take
Burn me, brand me, just don't break
my poet's heart. If I should fall, please make
a place where I can always stay.

A burn, a brand, a paper cut,
Nothing eternal, a little blood
A boulder lands with a thud
A boulder threatens not the wood
Not the trees of Eden's wood
where inside is the guarded good

Forever Eden, forever green
Who knows how the story came to be
The story is because all repeat
The tales of man and woman's deceit
The story is because of the heat
The story will continue to repeat

All living beings like the heat
They beg for it, pine for it
Until it repletes
Then they empty and repeat
They seek and seek
Their lustful heat

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