Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gonna Make You Wait

Have I got a surprise for you!

Gonna make you wait and wait.

I know how much it's bugging you,

that's what makes my fun so great!

I like to watch the gears

turning and burning inside your head.

I like the way your eyes squint--

you don't talk, but I know what you said!

I want to make you wait

for as long as I think you can stand.

If I hold out too long,

you'll start thinking of other plans.

I don't want that!

I want for you to want what I got!

So don't look away--

I'll reel you back in like a little fish caught! Ha!

I want to make you wait

because I want you to feel so good!

Cause honestly, I'm afraid

that what I got ain't that good.

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