Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Should Have Known

I should have known it was true,
that you loved me.
Your persistence, your point of view,
should have told me.
You thought I was becoming less
than I wanted to be.
You saw my apparent mess
and offered to hold me.
You tried to help me, lift me up
when I was down.
You offered me your hand, a cup
of wishes blown.
You offered me a shoulder to rest
your weary head.
You passed each and every test
before you set.
You tried to reach me any way
you thought you could.
You opened up to a dangerous game
you knew wasn't good.
You forgave my abuses even though
I did not care.
You tried to make me feel whole
when no other would dare.

I should have known that in your own way
You loved me.
I should have realized the trust you gave
was the glory.
I should have thought to keep it safe
since you're like me.
You're used to having others take
what isn't free.

But I did not. I chose instead
to play your trust.
Not knowing the sense inside your head
would be so much.
You could not be fooled, misled
by posers, by rhymes.
I ignored that I had begun to tread
on battle lines.

Your heart had somehow found
its way to me
And listened to every sound
and every plea.
Your faith had flown above
each mountain top.
But I was scared you couldn't love.
I did not stop.
I crushed you and beat you down
each chance I got.
And each time I thought you'd surely drown
you would not.
More important than finding love
was to break your will.
I had never seen one so tough.
Your spirit could not be killed.
That made me want to break you
even more.
I wanted to shake you, take you
naked, on the floor.

My game, my game, what did I do
to lose you.
My name, my name, more than a few
to fool you.
I fooled myself into losing a friend
in you.
I know this is the end
for you.
You could never forgive this deed
I've done.
You could never ever believe
I'm the one.

Maybe you could forgive me
after all.
Maybe you could believe
that I did fall.
You are the one who gave me
hope that I could rise.
You did try your best to save me,
tried to give me your eyes.


  1. This is good. Great description of a common mistake!


  2. I wrote this as what I think someone else would say to m if he dared.

  3. would say to 'me.' Oh, and thanks.