Monday, April 27, 2009

Love of A Tainted Woman


My Heroes Two.

One has always loved
Will always love


Even as others
Cast stones.

The Other

has carved
a scarlet letter

his chest.

I love you both.


Worse than a leper--
Guardians of lepers,
Peeling the lepers' skin
Wears rapidly thin.

Redden the scarlet!
Burn the harlot!

Symbol of 'urge'

Need to purge

Metaphor of wants

My thighs she haunts

Spell of a woman
Will destroy my human.

Animal lust

I do not trust
My core's desire.
I need her fire.

I must deny.

The whore must die.


Not the first to wear
the red rose
for daring
to bear my passion.

I dodge the stones,
but some hit.
I catch a few and
throw them back
in defiance.

Then come boulders
too heavy
for my feminine arms
to lift, but


too heavy
for the soul...

Unable to defend,

I bear them.

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