Monday, April 27, 2009

Spiritual Blend

Beauty, brutality the pens doth blend,
twist and meld the two to rend
as mirror shines one back again
not as is but as light would lend
an illusion, a perceived twin
a moment of life to comprehend

Moment of passion, blink of trust,
write a poem to wrong the just
write a poem to write we must
write a poem for time to judge
pick apart a power to crush
infamy, eternity, royal flush

Dueling swords, dueling spears
bells will toll for one who hears
responds to you and body rears
to be plunged and stoned, enduring tears
best come as my virgin disappears
poetic fantasies my core you sear

Bed me, wed me, make me bleed
stroke me till you have no need
the bond that binds I hope you heed
the one the soul -- all shall read
the thoughts the power the rare breed
the wild mare, the champion steed

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