Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here’s the deal… it’s not 6 a.m., so my family is asleep. I can’t sleep anymore. If I write now, then I will spend the rest of the day with my family, especially my husband. Thanks everyone for seeing hope in me that I was still a good person inside. It’s all good. ;-)


Learning to live
not so hard,
Learning to live
not so hard,
Not so hard
learning to live,
Not so hard
learning to live
Free from addictions,
Free from pain,
Riding the wind
between the sun and the rain,
Learning to live
As me again.


Finding my voice,
Using my choice,
Freedom to live,
Compassion to give,
Loving my soul,
Becoming whole,
Leading the way
To a better day.


Confusion and chaos
Play with me,
Yet I walk upright
In spiritual light,
Free from the loss
Of ‘think I need.’
I have a choice.
I use my voice.


All my worst moments
behind me.
I understand why
others hated me
pointing at you,
laughing at you
when I thought
no one cared
what I thought
but you shared
your worst
with my worst.
We made it through,
And I still love you.
Do you love me, too?
With God, I’m saved,
So let’s pray, and let’s play.
Let’s share our best.

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