Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tears of relief rolled down my temples,
traversed my hairline, crept into my ears.

On my back at dusk becoming twilight.
A tall broad pine throws out it branches
to hide the moon, but I can see it radiant.

Like a girl, I giggle at the fireflies.
Can you guess what I am thinking?

Candles burn to keep mosquitos at bay.

Finally, the first twinkle of a star,
then another, then another.
The rest begin to show themselves.

The moon moves quickly now.

Newborn shadows dance across the wooden
planks of the deck,
flit and flutter over my legs, arms, chest,
Lightly touching my face.

The sea of blue above me
bordered by treetop banks
that form a semi-circle;

each end meets with the straight edge
of the rooftop that splits
the Old World from the New World,
but not our world.


  1. I love the imagery here and the overall "sweet" feeling of this piece :)

  2. Thank you, Sam. I find the same truths in nature as I do in society, but nature is sweeter most of the time.