Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rolling along,
Admiring the view,
Not the rear view,
The front view,
The side views,
Sometimes the rear view...

Singing my song,
Whistling my tune,
My own tune,
Not your tune,
Not his or her tune,
My tune...

Walking my walk,
Stepping my step,
My distance,
My rhythm,
My sway,
My pep...

Thinking my thoughts,
Whenever I want,
God hears my heart,
He knows my flaws,
He gave me a mind
To think my thoughts,
He knows my thoughts,
When I think what I want...

Doing my do,
Like nobody else,
I do what I do,
And I do it the best;
We each do our do
As no one else does,
Like no one else cause
no one else is like us...

Being me,
No one I'd rather be,
And there is nobody
Who can ever be me;
Only one me
Will ever be.
Only one me
Will ever be.

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