Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sold my home
to be with a man;
paid my debts,
his, too,
kept going to school,
ran up more debts than I planned;
now I'll go it alone.

Had saved,
but that money is gone.

Gone, gone, gone.

But I cannot stay,
no, I cannot stay
another day
for him to play games,
for him to play games.

There is nothing to say

that is nice.

Fucking with other people

is not nice.

That because I tried to give
another chance,

That because I cared for
someone's life to not throw away,

That because I went after
my stuff,

That because I did not
shut the hell up,

That because I thought
of my own daughter,
and I would not cave for her sake - whatever come,

That because I know
what is fair and what is unfair,
and I fight for what is fair,

That I disagree with meddling,

That I have a mind of my own,

That I am entertaining for some,

I am starting over with not that much.

A real person.

I am a real person. Not a movie.

Many believe in God.
He allows injustices to occur,
and I won't lose faith now that I have it back.

If this is for me,
then what of others...

or do you think He does not see?

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