Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Girlfriend Story

I heard this story over the weekend. Thought someone might learn from it. These three guys, who I will call Bill, Tom, and Fred - I seriously tried to think of very common male names so no one will think I am pointing a finger - were hanging out, playing pool one night. Bill was complaining about anything and everything, as usual, including his wife. Tom began to tell how he had wanted to commit to his girlfriend for a while but couldn't let go of his other relationships. Fred had a crush on the girlfriend, thought she was great. At some point during the discussion, the three guys decided that Tom's problem was that he did not trust his girlfriend. (Guilty dog barks first - he had plenty of secrets...)

Fred was a pretty smart guy and knew that Tom would probably never trust his girlfriend, and he thought she deserved better anyway. He told Tom "You want to know whether or not you can trust the woman you love, let me try to win her heart." Tom did not trust his woman, but he trusted Fred. So he agreed. (Duh!) Bill always enjoyed a good drama, wasn't ever happy unless there was some kind of action going on. He couldn't wait to see how things went.

These guys got so busted! A few weeks later, they met at Tom's house one night, failed to notice his girlfriend's car parked to the side of the house. She knew they were home, never planned to eavesdrop, but when she was in the hallway, she stopped - She heard them talking about 'a plan gone wrong.' Their conversation verified her suspicions that she was being played. The woman returned to the bedroom, thought about it for awhile. That moment was not the right time to say anything, especially since she did not want to confront three grown men in the home where she tried to maintain peace.

You've probably already guessed how this whole deal played out. She went home with Fred. There was something about him that she had always liked, though she never would have acted if Tom had returned her commitment. She was also turned on that Fred, who knew a good thing when he saw it, thought that she was a good thing and wanted to hang on to her - and not play around and lose her to some other guy. Oh yeah, and Bill got bored, found some other drama to entertain himself.

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