Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sisters, 5

I don't want anyone to misunderstand what I wrote about Elizabeth forbidding women and children in the universities. The women and children were not there to receive an education; they were a distraction. With the exception of nobility, women did not influence politics. Some of the men closest to her had wives and families - that were neglected at times for the sake of political affairs, not games. Therein lie two differences between then and now: the first being the formal education and introduction of women into the political arena, and the second being the difference of the men's focus.

I realize that with each attempt to speak to other women about political affairs I am destroying my chances to be part of a group whose current policies I do not approve. So be it. I may never retrieve the things that were stolen from me, save my honor and dignity, but it seems there are more important intrinsic goods at stake.

It is my wish now that all women learn the in's and out's of politics - many of you already know, and I am only jumping in the deep end, but I am in a position to play the outspoken underdog as I do not have to lose, and you have more power to do things that I can never do. My purpose, I suppose, has everything to do with my background, the working class. If I am meant to go back out into that arena and teach there, then I will do that rather than sit back and do nothing.

Some men are afraid of that; yet others believe that women will always wear their hearts on their sleeves, that women can always be made to be jealous of each other - thereby ruining any attempts at unity. So here is the deal: everyone stick with your own men. That is the first step in taking away their fun and in forcing them to focus on more important things than winning bets and racking up head counts.

If men learn how to read women's lit, that is not necessarily a bad thing. A few men already know how, but many do not. It will take them a while to learn. I, and you've read me, I have even been mistaken for a man a time or two, ha ha. Another positive note is that in learning to read women's lit, there should come a greater appreciation and comprehension of women, at least for most men.

Men, I am not trying to be trifling (probably would not be as much had I the proper employment, tsk, tsk). Do you not see that in restoring the political arena to where it should be, you will be better off? We will all be better off.

I have mentioned before that I should need to purchase a new pair or proper work shoes to wait tables. The ratio of men to women is in my favor. I have always told you of my plans before I carry them out. This is no exception. I am not worried as you have failed every time except when you ambushed me, lol. The idea of what I intend is somewhat thrilling as it holds the promise of a greater end.

You know I don't quit. Neither do most other working women - who, btw, make up a large percentage of the work force. Some things nearly all of us have in common: We've all been screwed over by men; We have had few breaks; We are pretty good at taking care of ourselves when we have to; We are a lot smarter than people think we are; We don't quit.

The women who don't have to work can't be too happy with the way things are. I don't want anyone to think they have it made. To the women who have to work, just think of how you might feel when you haven't worked in years, still have young children, and you know all about your man on his business trips and his late night dinners, etc. And many of your friends are in the same situation. So together, you find solace, you endure, you find a way to become comfortable with your situation.

I wrote a couple of research papers about women's roles during times of slavery. The white plantation mistresses actually had fewer rights, many times, and often - though not all the time, of course - suffered greater injustices than even slave women. So please don't judge women by what you think they have or don't have. We should consider a larger picture, as in 'what does any woman have to deal with?'

Having said all of that, I believe that after we all get back to the basics, the original intent of the rules... when we have a greater understanding of how to have a more stable society... when we focus on enlightenment and the restoration of a more civilized population... then we can understand the benefits of such a society... then we can appreciate the advantages of such a society... then we can have peace and security in our society.

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