Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sisters, 4

Not quite sure how many "movies" were being made. One was 'the experiment.' Another was 'the love story.' Both backfired.

This whole deal is being done with the language of scripture.

My daughter told me a few weeks ago that a friend said only the New Testament was worth reading. Not true. In fact, JC often spoke of the words of the prophets - Old Testament, of course. Many of my friends and family are churchgoers, claim this and that. I never did before, merely pointed out the hypocrisy... only now I read better.

First chapter I turned to that wasn't already marked - I marked it that moment for posterity - was 2 Kings, Chapters 3 and 4. Chapter 3 is about how Elisha was jeered. Chapter 4 is about how 3 kings get together to put down the bad king. I have wondered about that...

To some, the scriptures are more important. To others, the game. Many people just don't know what to do and go along with whatever helps them the most. I understand that. So skip to the New Testament where JC criticizes the religious leaders for not taking care of the people, for using the letter of the law to oppress the people.

Still not a Christian. Love the life of JC, but as he said, we all have the power to be sons of God - my opinion, he didn't mean just himself, we are all God's children, etc. His is the way, the truth and the life. He spoke to the people in a way that allowed people to become close to God, to be in the light. The people back then weren't allowed into the temple to read the actual scriptures. He let them know the spirit of the laws through his words (In the beginning was the Word, the Light), so they would not be held down and controlled by the Saduccees and Pharisees.

Didn't Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King, Jr.) try to make the scriptures more accessible to people because the religious leaders of his day were using religion to control?

Henry VIII broke with the pope but continued to collect money from the people. His daughter, Mary, used religion to make people afraid. Elizabeth used it to unify her country - but allowed people their private practice as long as they did not disrupt society. She rocked in a lot of ways. She did not like women and children in the universities, a thing I used to wonder about. Now I see what a distraction it is to the men, getting them to think seriously about the state of affairs, about learning, about taking care of business. Many men were so busy thinking about other things in all of this they lost their identity. So many weaknesses have been exposed. Minds haven't been where they should be. And matters of state, learning, taking care of business - that these were pushed to the side, is that a safety issue? Are we like the ancient Romans, so used to having it good that we are, as a nation, undisciplined, spoiled? I think so, at times, yes.

So what is the point of my blog? I don't know. It started out as another trying to say 'Hey, what I did was one thing, but what all of you did should not have to cost me the opportunities I've worked so hard for.' And it still does not have to. Mine can still be fixed.

This post started turning into 'If this happened to me, it can still happen to others, and I am sure has already happened to others, but they must not have been able to stand up for themselves and I want to stand up for everybody.'

Now it is still both of those, but I know that I cannot change anything. I can only keep begging you to change things. I can keep trying to educate you to treat women better, like women not soldiers. I can keep trying to educate women as to how things really still are. I'm no longer living in Whoville (Yeah, I am watching too much tv this weekend, but I can't turn my brain off).

As I learn the rules, I understand the reasons for them - yet... yet I cannot follow them because of the way they are being used. Now is the time for Martin Luther King, Jr. He stressed civil disobedience for the cause of a greater good. There is no good reason for my situation. So I will keep trying to be part of the solution. The solution is not going along with a system that doesn't make sense. I do still have common sense. Do you?

This whole thing bugs me, and not just because of me. It stinks for all kinds of reasons. Mostly for the humanity that too many players lack, but also for the lack of common sense (yes, my goof was a lack of common sense), and for the abundance of religious hypocrisy. To make things better, it is going to take all of us working at it. I need to see it. When I am out, not just here.

If enough people want this, we can make it happen. Rules are good, but they have to be used for the purpose they were made - not for some of the garbage they're being used for. Are so many people content with being led and going along? Reference to Mary Wollstonecraft (see earlier post): I'm not a gentlewoman, been a working woman. Have the benefits of both: masculine education and tenacity. I read you all better and faster than you read me. Textbooks and most novels are written in 'masculine,' so I knew what to look for.

I know some of you were fooled by the picture of a woman and a few references to pms - but those were not in the way a woman would write. Women could take this thing over if we could get together and not be jealous about what tail our men are chasing. How many years until (most of) you can read feminine lit and truly understand it without much thought? By that time, we can use the rules to beat you at your own game. I wonder whether we could take over the world. Now wouldn't that be cool? I really hope they at least consider the idea.

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