Friday, June 26, 2009

Kissing takes a back seat
(kissing in the back seat is cool, though)
as I think it's only fair,
as I risk more torture,
as I explain that

Yes, I like to fall in love, but
reality is
reality is
reality is
I always needed my job.
Reality is.

Reality is he will never change,
and I will change
have changed
still changing direction,
but someone thought
(please don't do that anymore)
that I needed to stay put
with daily disrespect.
My reality,
maybe now you see...

A battle of fun for you,
A battle of love for you,
A battle of will for you.

A battle of I thought
this was something else,
I thought
this was my job,
I thought
this was my career,
I thought,
this was my reality,
I thought
being stuck here
was my reality.

And so my options,
you can guess,
but it's not such a mess
that I can figure out
some way,
as love takes a back seat
to a more pending reality,
though love's a reality,
so I can wear a smile.

Ever resourceful,
I can make the best of
my reality,
the choice,
my choice
of living with disrespect
or respecting myself.

I wonder whether your plan
included unemployment,
thought it would be funny,
thought I would be afraid
to show my paperwork
at the office.
With my reality?
Maybe that is what you would do...

Someone probably still amused,
but I can't even worry myself with you,
and the rest may understand
that I didn't know,
didn't believe,
didn't have a clue,
except I knew that something was wierd,
but this time it wasn't me,
so I had to save myself
in order to save myself
from disrespect,
from daily disrespect.

Knowing, manipulating, directors
thought to know best,
to save me
from myself,
when I was only giving him
another chance,
knowing it would not be,
knowing he would never respect me,
but you did not care about that,
did not know him like I know him,
and now,
look what you have saved me from,
a job,
a job,
a job.

I'm not too upset for
your good intentions,
more important for me
that you know,
that you understand,
that you see
I had no choice,
cause I can't live a lie.
Guess I better be happy
in the unemployment line.

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