Thursday, June 18, 2009

Notes on "Grown Up Dinner"

The drawing "Grown Up Dinner" has some emotions, and it has some wierd thoughts of mine. Besides all the sex going on in the drawing as well as affection, I was thinking about rainbows. I have drawn hundreds of rainbows, and I have always drawn them like rainbows. Yesterday, however, I looked at my rainbow and thought "Why do rainbows end?" I have thought this before, and I can only assume that they don't. So I extended it into a circle because I felt like it. In the end, it worked for several reasons.

Since then, I have been wondering a lot of things. Okay, I think I get the curvature in the sky because of the shape of water molecules as opposed to the linear visible spectrum through a prism. Does one shape more 'correctly' display the spectrum? Does a rainbow truly go 'round like a circle?

Assuming there is a rainbow circle, is it really a circle, or is it concave/convex (I get these reversed) like a bowl? Could it ever be a sphere?

Does the shape of the spectrum reveal the shape of other molecules?

Someone probably already knows the answers to these questions. Feel free to share the info via comments. Thanks.


  1. On a contact lens, the concave side is the side touching the eye...

    If you think of concave as forming a cave...the more the circle is completed, the more enclosing the cave. :-)

  2. Thanks. That should make it easier for me to remember.

  3. This doesn't go into Rayleigh scattering, etc...but it covers a lot of ground.

  4. Okay, I'm checking this out now. I actually thought of looking up some sites for kids, lol. Been using Google. Thanks again.