Saturday, June 6, 2009

As a woman, I feel the urge to share some of my vacation with you. My husband brought me home from the beach on Tuesday. We had stayed at a very nice Holiday Inn (the new colors are so cool, like a magnet - ha!) right on the surf. Several members of my family and some friends met us there a week earlier. Unfortunately, the timing coincided with my cousin Danielle’s wedding, but I had paid an outrageous amount in advance for the lodging and entertainment. I’m so sorry, Danielle, but I was with you in spirit! xxxxx I thought we would also miss my daughter Princess’s high school graduation, but she decided to roll with me in her size 10 shoes. And we had to bring her ‘cute little kitty’ (as Princess called her very cute kitty – I instructed her to give it up because Princess needs to focus on herself. You know, college and stuff). We painted the town ‘smiley.’ Thanks, Princess.

Most of us had a blast! On the first or second day, I lost track of time, two of my sisters and I shot hoops at a local indoor court. I never got past the first continent (free throw line), but Thelma and Louise were together all the way to the end. We played nicely at first, but I’ll admit that we did some trash talking along the way – all in good fun, of course! Oh, and Thelma skunked me 5 to 1 in our game of one-on-one. We both worked up a good sweat, but I am the one who forgot to wear deodorant. Ew!

Oh, boy! A couple of times, I got too loud (imagine that!), and I got on most everyone’s nerves. Oops. Once was during a game of Trumps. My cousin and I lost Baaaaaad! to one of my brothers and his friend who, btw, is a very – serious –card – counter. Yikes. But I laughed like I haven’t laughed in ages! My laugh is loud and contagious – and obnoxious. It annoyed the (old) people (who I love) who were trying to settle down… as I lost track of time… It wasn’t entirely my fault, however… I haaave been off my generic meds (for ADHD) for a few weeks, aaeeeeennnnnd (Southern speak) my dear, well-intending uncles (I know you meant well, and I love and respect you) kept giving me more and more tasty bits of peanut brittle. I couldn’t say ‘no.’ All the extra sugar made me extra talkative and loud. THEN I realized that if I continued to eat them, the sugar high might make me drool. How embarrassing would that be? From now on, I will choose to not eat the peanut brittle. I don’t want to drool in public. Or in private. That’s not pretty. I rather enjoy being pretty, (and now I am smelly good, too – my husband likes that! And he does not want me to drool either.) Another time I was extra loud was when my sister Amy called. She also has to watch herself for being loud. Ha, ha! Like I said, I was having more fun than I have had in ages, and I laughed and laughed. When I hung up the phone, I knew that I had done it again. Even the charming hotel staff (I really do love you guys for having to listen to me!) were signing a petition to have free ear plugs for all employees. I have calmed down since. ;-) Mostly.

My sister Tracy and I camped out a couple of times when my husband had to do the ‘big man’ thing and go to work during vacation. The first morning there, we went to the beach alone. But we forgot tanning oil. Not keen on hiking all the way back to the car for cash, I sauntered over to the outdoor grill and asked the dude grilling shrimp if I could have just a tad cupful of butter. He gave me the butter. When I started dabbing it on my face, Tracy laughed out loud and called me “Butterface!” Then I laughed, too! She didn’t want to do it at first, but she ended up being a butterface, too, lol! The next night, we were right in the middle of a good old-fashioned pillow fight when her pillow flew across the room! I laughed and called her “Pillowcase!” Then I threw my pillow across the room, so we were both pillowcases! Now, I can’t even look at butter or pillowcases without thinking of Tracy and laughing.

Every night, most of the others would gather round a bonfire to smoke and talk some more. That’s when my husband and I had some quiet time together. It seemed like we spoke less and ate more Debbie cakes each night. I probably gained a pound or two just from Swiss rolls (my favorite).

We all had a lot more fun seeing art shows, visiting a karaoke bar, waiting in line for rides at the local amusement park… But all good things must come to an end. I hated to say ‘goodbye’ to everyone. Sigh. The trip back was very sunny and pleasant, though, and I really needed to start cleaning my house before returning to work. The only bad thing to happen during the whole trip was losing my wedding ring. You know I cried like a rain storm. I think someone took it from the front counter when I turned to talk to a friend. It was my fault, though, for eeevvveer thinking of taking it off. But the spiritual connection is what matters, and we have that like nothing either of us has felt before. Still, I cried. My sweet husband cannot stand to see me cry. He took me out this morning to an exceptionally gifted jeweler and told me to pick whatever I wanted. I wanted the ½ karat 3 stone (past, present, future), set in white gold. Wow. Love you, Sweetie. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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