Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still doing my thing,
but I am looking for others to share with.

Spreading the love, the joy,
the spirit of the beauty in living.

Involuntarily "relieved" of earthly things (job, money)...
I can get more where that came from...

My spirit is free.
Free at a cost, yet free.

It is easier to balance equations
as fear dissipates...

That energy (fear) is converted
into aces and winners on the tennis court (ask Chris),

and into creating art
to share with others.

Fear and I do no cohabitate well,
and I am not going anywhere -


Life is a dream,
said/wrote Calderon;

I continue to live my dreams,
so does that mean I win after all? ;-)

There are a few who understand
that I have regained a sense of humor, ha!

God, it isn't always easy, lol,
but what the hell is? Laughing is easy...

A clear name, a clear conscience,
a clear connection with God,

who, btw, has a sense of humor
and gave me a loud, contagious, annoying laugh.

And the ability to create.
'Twould be a sin to hide my gifts.

Love and compassion will win the final battle.
JC said 'Do unto others' - did not discriminate

between believers and nonbelievers.
Neither will I.

Sharing laughter, sharing kindness.
Back to me is a good thing.

My formers' parents have helped.
Muchisimas gracias humildes. I needed you.

The more I get back to me,
the more friends I have to thank

for sharing my burden and carrying me...
for now I see all of your footprints beside God's in the sand.

That means that you all may share
in my overcoming.

Much love and shared spirit. xx
(one kiss for each cheek)

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