Thursday, June 18, 2009

Notes on "Radar Head"

"Radar Head" is very special to me. Last year, this supersmart 10 year-old was afraid to draw. He thought my drawing was cool. He began drawing wierd stuff, too. This same kid was able to explain the orbits of Pluto and Neptune in a way that made sense to me. I had read about it, and was really close to understanding it. Smart Kid sealed the deal, lol. He believes Pluto is a planet. After listening to him, so do I.

I cleaned out my office today. My husband did not think I would be able to fit everything in the car. He never does, but I always make it happen, ha ha. Too busy moving stuff, I waited to cry until I got home and started pulling out the art that I wanted to photograph and post. I started thinking about how good everything was until a few months ago. How to get back to that...

Sometimes, I want to go somewhere else. I am honestly good at what I do, although I understand if that seems illogical to those who cannot know everything, only soundbites and heads of coins. I've wondered whether I would do better to be in a place where people are hungry - to eat and to learn. My husband thinks I am crazy (lmao!) when I say things like that, but I was much happier in those circumstances.

Okay, I am spoiled for things like coffee, a soft bed, lotion... showers... But I could adjust, I think. I need a purpose. Been giving away more art, but I need something less self-serving to fulfill my selfish sense of purpose. Someone understands what I'm talking about.