Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I walk through the valleys,

shadowy, thick,
I hike through the mountains,
sharp, jagged edges,
Two worlds to travel,
one low, one high.
Only one soul
to live and to die.

One soul, one heart,
one body, one mind,
One conscience, one spirit,
one will to mind.
One being inside
with only one voice
to guide myself
and make each choice.

One way to think,
one way to care,
many ways to give,
many troubles to share,
many paths to cross,
many trails to blaze,
or sit by the wayside
through the passing days.

A time to heal,
a time to breathe,
a time to love,
a time to leave.
Time we share,
time we steal,
souls we bear,
hearts we feel.

Some will follow,
others will lead,
and here I am
with free-flying feet,
with others whose feet
are flying around,
A curious bunch,
we don't touch the ground.

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