Sunday, June 21, 2009

Never thought I'd realize
the death of a dream;
The death of a dream-
Not just shattered glass that lies,
lies to me, lying under feet,
Purposely shoving jagged edges
through my skin, driving wedges,
blood gushing from my tearing meat;
Not just ancient Chinese arrows
that find every square inch of tissue,
Combining until a single fissure
through which my organs' slivered pieces flow;
Not just heavy blunted clubs
my brain to bash into a pulp,
my bones to hammer into dust,
Unrecognizable remains when you are done;
A rainbow shredded to bits,
A Matisse ripped and burned,
A lesson in love de-learned,
A treasure map that led to shit.
I could pretend you don't exist,
But then I might forget,
trust someone... and let...
myself imagine more than just a tryst.

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