Friday, June 19, 2009

Hungry to eat, hungry to learn. One does not have to be starving to be hungry, although I can empathize with both feelings (starving to eat and to learn). And I believe people appreciate more the food or the knowledge that they are offered when they are hungry, self included.

It is hard to learn on the job training, however, if one is hungry for food. Last summer, my husband and I were visiting with some old friends. The eldest son used to work for me. What people remember about me throws me off every now and then. He asked if I remembered buying pizza for the workers when the lunch got messed up. I had forgotten, but their faces came to mind in an instant. One poor guy was about to cry, I remembered, and I couldn't take it. Besides, I knew the only way to get the work out of them was to keep them happy, lol. I was not entirely unselfish, you see, so I sprang for the pizza. No big deal to me. But this guy remembered three years later. I guess it was a big deal to him.

I guess I know that little things matter, but sometimes I forget even what others' little things do for me. Yesterday, I almost threw away the stack of 'good job' notes that I had stuck to my bulletin board. But I didn't. I want to look at them again. I want to know that people noticed the positive I had done and not just the negative. I have thought about the negative enough. Getting back to December 08 means that I have to focus on the 38 years of positive.

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