Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sisters, 8

Sisters, I decided to write about something new, the whole health insurance thing. Here's the deal... I read a book a few years ago called Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer. I lent the book to someone a year or so ago, so I had to Google the title.

This real life man could have probably gotten a job anywhere he wanted, but he chose to work in Haiti, at least for a good bit of the year. He is able to provide medical care for some of the poorest people in the world, in part due to wealthy sponsors paying for medicine. Some people he works with, though, have been able to find ways to get medicine cheaper than people like you and I have to pay.

I'm not saying that we should not pay a little more - we aren't as poor as people in some parts of the world - but we pay a lot more. However, it seems to me that if it is going to take all of us pitching in to help pay for healthcare, then the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies can lower their costs.

A lot of the money they make goes into research for new medicines, but wouldn't we all like to have extra money for this and that? In other words, they would not have to cut peoples' salaries or jobs as much as some of the other stuff that isn't as pending during a recession, like creating sperm from a stem cell. How much did that cost? I mean, isn't there enough viable sperm floating around right now...? *Note: I just reread - that's in the UK (figures); but if they have money to spend on that, and they have public health care... hmmmm....

Sorry about this boring post tonight. Too many friends of mine are having trouble with their medical bills and trying to work out their insurance stuff right now. Times are just hard for everyone, and it seems like this is one problem that could be easily solved. Maybe there is just too much money involved for a few people. It's not me, lol, I'm broke.

Enough, but call me or send an email if you actually read this all the way through, ha! I did miss a call from A., so I am going to call you now. I know, the rest of you, if you made it this far, are relieved I'm finished. =) Oh, one more thing... if we had less trouble paying for the healthcare, that would be more money to spend on other things. Cause you know we aren't good at saving it! Now, I'm finished - for tonight.

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