Friday, July 17, 2009

So Bill had gotten jealous. She thought he knew that she would have her friends. All of them. Why not? He had kept up with all of his exes. And he had a string of 'would be's' a mile long. Some of them questionably young. Had already busted him for looking at pictures online, but she laughed about it right in front of him. He still wanted to have his way and not allow her any freedom. How long did he think she was going to put up with him? Well, she did not have a job - yet.

It would be different if he were supportive, but he was spending more and more time away from her. Even at home, he would do everything but talk to her. She needed her friends right now. Maybe he was trying to make her want to leave. Well, then, she was going to recoup the money she lost first.

She did not feel sorry for him. Had her, with all of her benefits, at home, while he philandered for years. All of these wasted years. She started to cry. Her first ex never made her feel like this. Not after the divorce either. And they had had some rough times.

This relationship had been a lot of work for her, but she had not wanted to put her children through a second divorce. Had she stayed in her own home, there would only be thirteen more years until it was paid for. At nearly thirty-nine, she would have to start from scratch.

Couldn't believe she had told him so much stuff about what she had learned, just for him to use it to his advantage. She was not even trying to do anything at the time, just home from the hospital. But she figured out over a week or two that he was using all the information she had told him to work his game. It had had to come out, and she thought he was being supportive by listening to her. But every day he put her down, or ignored her. Or he was rude and disrespectful. And he spent more and more time online. On his guitar forums.

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