Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Did they think she had grown tired of shaming them? In truth, exposing the way they ran things was extremely satisfying. She was spending more time, however, living her life, doing other purposeful, pleasant things that did not require vengeance.

Last night, though, she was thinking about a conversation at her table in the breakroom about a year earlier. Some of her co-workers had high school age daughters who hoped to be homecoming queen. Ugh, she had heard this conversation before. Nothing against pageants. She had participated in one back in the day. Her friends were doing it, and it turned out to be fun. One was enough.

Their daughters probably wouldn't get to be queen because the Hispanics always voted for the Hispanic girl. That was the usual complaint. But this time they had reason to cheer. The high school changed the way the voting was done, so now the white girls would get a chance to be homecoming queen. They giggled in their glee.

She thought about voicing her opinion, but kept her mouth closed on this one. She had not been part of the conversation, had no children at the high school, and she knew nothing would be done. So she filed it. Guess the mothers of the debutantes - oh yes, these girls were also debutantes... I guess it's not old fashioned to have a debutante ball? It's like a QuinceaƱera, I suppose... only the debutante balls are for high society. Hmmm... The mothers. Guess the 'homecoming queen' title is that important. Don't that have enough without being jealous of that? After all, they are most of the ballerinas, cheerleaders, dancers, because they are the ones who can afford it. Now they are trying to manipulate the student votes to go their way.

The whole thing had reminded her of the Texas cheerleader mom incident. The guys busting up figure skater Nancy Kerrigan's knee. The guy who stabbed Monica Seles. Okay, if this is what the First Self-Righteous and MoutainPoint churches are about, then I am glad to stay at home. Many of the well-to-do who worked with her or who were anybody in town attended one of these two churches. She had been invited to both several times, but she and her husband had only visited First Self-Righteous. Never went back.

After revisiting her file, this deal sounded like what happened to herself. She was still proving it. Did not think anything would ever be done, though. Too many higher ups wanted it all swept under the rug. Hell, too many people period wanted it swept under the rug. She had enough evidence at her father's that he was willing to attempt blackmailing her blackmailers. But, yes, she had put more pieces together in her head. Blackmail was not what she wanted. Justice, fairness, change. Better values. Straightforwardness, not hypocrisy. Those were the things she wanted. Won't happen overnight. But the good guys are working to try to keep it from happening again. She could feel it. At least, she thought she could.

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