Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A heart-shaped pocket,
One love, then two,
Took off like a rocket

A handmade token,
With love and glue,
For words unspoken


Happiness without fear,
Wedded bliss,
When did you miss
Heartbroken tears
Shed for lost yet longed for love
as the widowed mourning dove
waits alone upon the wire
singing, crying desolate desire;
Return to a place for the heart to rest,
Mend the windswept, tattered nest.


Uncoerced, unscripted lines
flowed like wine
from innocent, untarnished lips
the sweet honey dripped
onto sensuous, covetous eyes
before there were lies,
before secrets were kept
the heart you held
a spring without source,
without force,
streamed endless devotion.

Eyes belonged to you alone
For you shone,
Unmasked, unveiled, uninhibited
love at your fingertips,
Sacrificed all others
giving all to you, lover,
Accepted the errors, misprints
of your chapters within,
Would the future return
love for the lessons learned,
would the spring rejoin the ocean.


Trepidation, hint of delight,
what bud may bloom in the night?
Perennials will flourish, die,
The annual will spring to life
With time, the roots of love will grow,
and flower as they did before.


Photographs relive a love story,
a fairy tale beginning,
the peasant boy and the girl in ashes
fell in love;
Fairy tale endings
would not be happy without disasters
and evil forces,
Mistakes and underlying fables,
Rites of passage,
Tests of will;
Word of mouth, the written word,
Believe half of seen, none of heard,
The truth is known but to few;
The heroes,
led by their hearts,
sometimes faltering for lack of tangible,
seen, heard proof,
a glass slipper, or less,
are born to their destiny,
borne in their destiny,
find their way,
their own path to destiny,
for the truth does not die.

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