Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sing a song of friendship pins,

a pocket full of hope,
four and twenty nachos
with lots of cheese to pour,
When the doors were opened,
the cheers began to yell,
most of them would tell you,
laughing, "Go to hell!"
The welders were the farmers
were mechanics for the cars,
They didn't wear masks,
but they made it pretty far.
The fairest of the fair
were fairest everywhere,
the ballers were the grooms,
when they washed their hair.
They all got together
and played a little game,
got out of hand, and
they thought they lost their names.
The new kid, not the cool kid,
found out about the loss,
Got a winning ticket,
tried to give it to the boss.
The boss was on vacation,
forgot to check his notes,
but he had a banged up brother
who kept him on his toes.
Now the kid may have a goldmine
for the welders and the fair,
and the ballers who were grooms
if they thought they dared.

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