Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She wanted to forgive each other, her friends, her co-workers, her family - some of them. Would there ever be a way to forgive the ones who hurt her the most? A lot of the stuff was stupid, she knew, and she had made some stupid mistakes along the way as well. The injustices she uncovered could have cost her life.

She hoped they would understand that there was something going on, something bigger than her, than all of them. Her main concern at this point was for her groups, the ones who had advanced. The new ones she would not be training after all. And then there were the co-workers who were left to deal with the problems that she had fought against. Sigh.

For most of them, no hard feelings remained. She hoped they felt the same. Surely, they knew her well enough that her comments, her actions must have a purpose. When did she ever not have a plan? They had to know she carried their friendship with her. Time would tell, she reckoned.

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