Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some things are black and white.

There is not an excuse for everything.

What excuse is there for lacking compassion?

What excuse is there for withholding the truth?

What excuse is there for making others afraid to be a good Samaritan?

Purpose is a key difference.

Knowledge is a key difference.

Healthy mind is a key difference.

Would it be better for my friend to tell me in a way that she knows I do not understand?

Is that the way that Gandhi, King, Jesus, Mohammed, Elisha taught?

Do we teach children in ways they do not understand?

Ask a teacher if he or she is required to teach all students the same...

Or are they expected to reach all students in the ways they can be taught.

Is there an excuse for blackmail?

Is there an excuse for not listening to another's side?

Is there an excuse for just jumping in to berate another human being without question? Without apology? Without explaining to the person?

Is there an excuse for purposely isolating, blackmailing, berating, torturing?

I know that there are excuses for some things.

There are no excuses for these.

Just learn from these.


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