Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sisters, 11

Hellfighters, 1968, starring John Wayne and Katherine Ross

Sisters, I learned a lot from this movie about Texas oil well firefighters. One of the most important points was a few minutes into the movie. The leading younger man, Jim Hutton, meets a young lady at the site of the fire. He kisses her without asking before he goes off to fight he fire - barely knows her, btw. On his way back, he smiles to himself then glazes his eyes and looks past her. Pays her no attention, dawdles in the doorway, stumbles in - but leaves the door open. She runs in after him! He knew she would do that. It was a trick. How do I know? I've used it many times on my husband, lol.

Sisters - watch out for open "doors" and "windows" on the internet. If you go, like I did, then make sure you take notes - like I did!

The font is red because the dudes in the movie wore red. I will note that John Wayne portrayed a gentleman, and the Jim Hutton character behaved himself once he married. But they did enjoy putting out fires. I suppose everyone needs a hobby, ha ha. At least they didn't start the fires!

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