Thursday, July 9, 2009

*Another detail in my story plot. The husband, fearing he will lose his wife, threatens her at first with physical harm. But seeing the disgust and disappointment on her face, he realizes his own insecurity and tells her that she can leave, that he would never do that to her, that she never deserved what had already happened to her. She knows he means it. His honesty is something she can have faith in, and she needs to have faith in someone. His sincerity is the first solid thing she has been able to hold onto since coming home. Knowing at that moment she could leave if she wanted without fear, that made her want to stay. That freed her to love him.

Please don't ever say those words again,

"brain tumor," "chemical imbalance,"
Those hurt more than you can understand.
I know you didn't mean it,
so I will give you another chance.

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