Friday, July 10, 2009

*My heroine, to her lover, right before she was ______:

"Please stop playing a game with me. I thought you were more mature. This isn't funny anymore. You think you are helping everyone, but you are just making things worse. If you want me to ever speak to you again, you will take this whole thing more seriously."

*She tried to be friends with the guy, thought maybe he could help make a difference, but he seemed to only want to help himself. The lover lied about having other affairs, and she knew it. But she was trying to not think about that and focus on how to make things better, how to self-sacrifice for the good of the whole. She no longer cared about who was sleeping with whom.

What mattered were the secrets that had been forgotten by some, purposely hidden by others. Still concerned for her own safety, she knew that she had to get "his" attention. He was the only one who could do anything. Too scared to call him, too scared not to, she hoped he was reading every word, understanding. She continued, even if she appeared self-serving at times; she knew he would know better. He would know that it was about so much more.

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