Friday, July 10, 2009

She had neither the desire nor the stomach to look at the videos of herself committing adultery. Her lover had known about the cameras. What was his reason? He talked about how he and his co-workers made racist remarks to each other, in jest. She had laughed, said how there are some comedians who can make fun of everyone and sound funny, like Carlos Mencia. The jokes never sound funny when we say them. But he got her. Now everyone thinks she is a racist.

Her co-workers had known about the cameras, too - the ones in her office. She, and her group she was in charge of, had unwittingly become subjects of an experiment. Admin erred. They left a paper trail a mile long, discussing the details of their plan, of the reactions. They meant to only sabotage her, but they did not stop to think about how her group would be affected.

The tapes were sent to her father. He heard, saw everything - that they let him. The videos and sound bytes were cropped, clipped, and edited to showcase all of her worst possible moments. To turn her friends and family against her. Her father had never questioned anyone, just jumped right in. He never asked her about it or mentioned any of it to her until it was too late. And he was too deep into it to turn back. Or so he thought.

He tried to help her, give her clues. He told her how to find the pictures, the videos. But every time he did, he exposed himself. He knew that she would catch up to him if she was not stopped. He did not realize that it was too late for all of them. She had the pieces. Only there were so many pieces that it would take time to put them together.

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