Sunday, July 5, 2009

Power of zero,
a small affair,
hippie colors,
a two-faced glare.
Borrow, take for ten seasons,
then shove me off a bridge for what reason?

Oh yeah, you thought
I was after your fitness trainer,
but I told you 'no,' and anyway,
That was a no brainer.
Like I would screw my sister
and take her active mister.

When I said that I knew
what I was doing,
Everyone knows I meant
that thing you all were brewing,
Not the 'whys' -
It's still not right.

But even last year
before I was learning,
You knew I knew
your passions were burning.
So insecure in your way,
Never asked if I play...

And you seem to have
no conscience at all
To try to put a friend
across from you in the hall.
You didn't mind to see me fall
Though I held you up back in the fall.

All for what you thought
I understood.
No, I knew enough
that it wasn't good.
You kicked me from the boat
and hoped I wouldn't float.

You bragged about your inlaws
with their shiny toys,
You felt confident to get your way
with support of good ol' boys.
But you lost your humanity,
for money and vanity.

Who is the real loser?
Who is the real winner?
I'm no saint,
but we're both sinners.
Have you regrets for one moment this tail
that got you your job while I landed in jail?

I never said a word
until just now,
Thought it, gave you the benefit
of a doubt.
You looked in my eyes every day,
Knew I knew not and smiled away,

I have always looked for
friends to trust,
To find the good,
and hope for just,
I don't want to hurt you,
but I'd like to perceive you

As someone whose soul
means more than a 'thing'
of earthly stuff that when you die
doesn't mean anything.
You can make a mistake and live
guilt free - when you're ready, I'll forgive.

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