Friday, July 3, 2009

Poison is not you,
never was.
First moment I tasted your lips,
I knew I had never tasted sweeter.
The night of our first embrace
has stayed with me;
tried to reject the plague
that filled my heart,
crushed my delight
as you disappeared into shadows.
You know that I felt tortured
as your sepia danced and darted,
spun me around into a whirlwind.
But you said 'never.' I knew you meant it.
So I trust you,
need your lion's paws on my shoulders,
your breath on my lips,
more than I need...
Memories of being with you,
deciding, begging for more,
memories drive me,
memories alive inside of me
beg you to pull me closer,
fill my hunger,
break my will,
bring me to a higher existence.
Be in me.

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