Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look how far this has gone,

and I am not speaking of myself,
My personal cause is at the bottom,
But I care,
Do you know how much I care
for the things I felt inside,
the beliefs that are still the core
of my strength?
They are yours.
You know that this is at a higher level
than most can comprehend.
We have to fix this.
We have to make the corrections
from the top to the bottom to the top.
From the inside out.
From the outside in.
This isn't about steak or chicken
on someone's plate.
This isn't about who has a job,
or who has insurance.
This isn't about who is 'lord,'
or about who wins.
This is about what it is about.
The truth.

You already know this.
You are there.
Thank you.
I am with you.
Help me to learn.

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