Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I decided to repost this poem that I originally posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2009, and I just added to it. Something has been on my mind. I felt left out nearly my entire life, but now, I know what has been missing. I'm fine with myself. Don't need the things that I thought I did. Not for my soul.

Unfit for proper society,

a homebody,
but relaxed.
Not much choice.
Better this way,
to not lose the soul.
Spiritual peace,
worth more than gold.

The Pearl Jam song, "Daughter," seems an appropriate accompaniment to this poem. People cannot choose their earthly families, but we can choose our spiritual families. I need my spiritual family that does include many in my earthly family, so please, comment or email me if you are not sure what I mean. I am figuratively (can I literally?) attempting to 'disown' the evil in the world of which I do not wish to akin myself. My opinion: God separates us from the evil if we choose Him.

Eddie Vedder sings "It's okay, you don't have to run and hide away." Reader, or listener interpretation for myself, I do not plan to hide. However, I realize I am among those who reject certain, overwhelmingly powerful ways of the world. Sometimes I feel like hiding, but I either trudge through it, or I wait calmly for the moment to pass.

Also, I still have love for all people if not their ways. I still believe that all people are worthy to receive love if they choose it. All people can share the goodness of the world if they choose it. But it has to be a choice, not forced, or it is not real.

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