Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally, I see the fake smile,
full of jealousy,
Two years, my every superior move
stabbed a wound to your ego,
My being slashed,
tore at you,
Until at last, you found a weak spot,
a language I had not learned,
and you loaded it into cannons,
denied help,
painted images of my low points,
laughed behind my back.
Did you not know how I had
stood up for you,
even though I felt the tension,
I stood up for you,
tried to convince my friends
that your disposition was not bad?
Evil in your heart turned it black.
Perforated, any love poured in
seeps out.
I don't need to destroy you;
You destroy yourself.
I don't want to fight you,
for the battle would not end until,
until you were happy
that everyone thought you were,
that you were the best at everything,
but in your heart, you would know
that your darkness weighs you,
anchors you;
You could never lift others,
for you will always be dragging
your anchor of self doubt.
If fight we must,
when to let it end?
When my career is gone?
No, you want more.
When my friends are gone?
They came back.
When my love is gone?
If someone such as you can take it,
then it never was,
and I would feel for him.

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