Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uplifting Message 1

Some of my heroes. They all had strong values and lived by those values. Several of them either gave their life for their friends or at least put themselves in a sacrificial position. I, too, would die for my friends if I thought they were going to be hurt. In a friggin' heartbeat. I despise injustice. I need justice more than I need anything on the planet, even more than I need love. (My husband 'loves' me but has committed a few too many injustices.) If you want to know why I need justice so bad, then get to know me in person. But I will tell you this... I don't have to love what you do to love you and make the world a better place for you. Heck, I might give my life for a stranger one day if I thought I could save that person. That is what JC would do, yes? Not a christian, but I love what he stood for.

Elizabeth I

Helen Keller

Alice Paul

Lucy Burns

KB* Personal friend who was in second year wave of African American students to attend local white high school

Joan of Arc



Anita Hill


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mahatma Ghandi

Stephen Biko

Nelson Mandela

Cesar Chavez

JR* My grandfather who was in the 2nd wave at Normandy. A hispanic man, he endured much prejudice in the military but fought with his brothers in arms when the time came.

JL* My ex. He also served the U.S. and fought for my freedom.

AS, DK, PH, BT, Mrs. J., AR *Teachers. All women but one.





Eve *She has to be the baddest badass of all time. She has been blamed for man's sins since men began keeping score. And she still had several children with him. How bad could she/it have been that he kept going back? Sisthren, let us lift the veil of shame from this woman, or let it cover both equally and not let one blame the other for his inability to reason for himself. Or maybe she was that hot. JK!!!

This list is not exhaustive, but these are some of my favorites. Oh, and one more...


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